Your brand is how people identify you.  If it weren’t for branding, we’d all have a much tougher time telling the difference between those greedy, evil corporations that drive us crazy (insert name here) and those friendly, socially responsible businesses we love to support (insert name here).

Whether you need a little help adjusting your logo or you’re ready to completely redefine how your organization presents itself, we’ll help you maximize connections with your stakeholders.  Here’s our process (the nutshell version):

  • Discovery: We ask you lots of questions to learn more about who you are and what you want to achieve with your brand.  Think of it as an extended first date.
  • Exploratory: We take all of your answers and plug them into our patented, state-of-the-art Cool Idea Generator™ to synthesize how we can meet the goals of the brand.  This phase of the process is also known as brainstorming.
  • Creative: We tap into our artistic side, working with you to transform ideas into tangible marketing tools.  You know, little things like taglines, logos, and branding books.
  • Testing: We use web surveys, focus groups, and other methods to get a glimpse at how your audience will respond to your brand.   Free coffee is strongly recommended for all focus group participants.
  • Implementation: We consult you on how to maximize the effectiveness of your brand.  In other words, we’ll make sure you’re not hanging the most beautiful sign in the world on a wall where no one is looking.

Say hello and let us know a little about who you are and what you do; we’ll let you know a little about how we can help you shape your identity.